UK Bans Microbeads in Cosmetics

Walnut Shell Ground

The UK has banned the use of plastic microbeads in personal care and cosmetic products beginning January 9, 2018. The UK joins the US which passed the Microbead Free Waters Act of 2015 banning micobeads from cosmetic products.

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles, often used in toothpaste and exfoliants, that find their way into streams, rivers and oceans. One of the consequences of the introduction of microbeads into waterways is that fish mistake them for food, introducing harmful substances which can also move up the food chain.

There are numerous all-natural and biodegradable microbead replacements available. Composition Materials Co., Inc. has manufactured natural exfoliation scrubs for cosmetic companies worldwide for over 30 years. Our Apricot Shell, Walnut Shell, Tagua Natural White Exfoliant and Almond exfoliation scrubs, powders and texturizers are widely used in personal care formulations, hand washes, body washes and facial exfoliators.

For more information on cosmetic-grade natural microbead alternatives, contact us at 800-262-7763.

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