Recycled Fillers & Aggregates

Plastic Media Filler

Composition Materials manufactures and supplies light-weight thermoset-plastic fillers made from 100% recycled materials. Our innovative fillers and aggregates are available in clear-white, multi-color or single color; shiny or mat; granular or fine powder. Used in paints, coatings, compounding, plastics, epoxies, resins, flooring, anti-skid surfacing and counter tops. Non-skid/anti-slip aggregates are commonly applied to decks, floors, garages, boats, ramps, swimming pools, tubs & surfboards. Plastic media, made from 100% recycled materials, has a low specific gravity and can be mixed directly into paints and coatings for fast and easy applications.

Plastic Media Blasting

• Media blasting, paint stripping
• Anti-skid additives & aggregates
• Recycled plastic fillers & powders
• Clear, lightweight non-slip media

Melamine Plastic Blasting Media

• Most aggressive Plastic Media grade
• Paint stripping, mold cleaning
• Hard to remove paints & primers
• Best on steel & hard substrates

Urea Plastic Blast Media

• Media blasting, paint stripping
• Cars, boats, trucks, motor homes
• Steel, aluminum, industrial parts
• Most versatile Plastic Media grade


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