Walnut Shell Blasting

Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been a leading worldwide supplier of Walnut Shell abrasive media for over 60 years. Ground Walnut Shell media is an all-natural, biodegradable, low-cost solution for blast cleaning, paint stripping, coating removal, pressure blasting, tumbling, deflashing and deburring. Walnut Shell is also used in burn-out applications as a porosity enhancer for ceramics and grinding wheels. We stock all Walnut Shell grit and powder in all standard grades and ship orders from a few bags to full pallets bulk orders to truck load volumes. Composition Materials pioneered Walnut Shell Blasting with the US Navy in the 1960’s (see video below) and assists companies worldwide with paint and coatings removal solutions. Click for information on Walnut Shell Fillers.

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Walnut Shell Abrasives



  • Available in English and Black Walnut Shell grades
  • Preserves base, primer & gel-coats while removing top coats of paint
  • Long-lasting, re-usable, reduces cycle time of finishing operations in wheel blasting, air blasting and tumbling operations
  • Selective coatings removal, preserves microfinishes, replaces sandblasting to avoid problem of silicosis
  • Used to remove paint & coatings from boats, buildings, bridges, outdoor statues, cars and for graffiti removal
  • Aircraft engine clean-out, steam turbines and mold cleaning
  • Deflashing and deburring parts, thermosets, plastics & die casting


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