Tagua White Scrub

Tagua White Scrub a

TAGUA (PHYTELEPHAS AEQUATORIALIS SEED POWDER) − Composition Materials manufactures Tagua Natural White Exfoliant for cosmetic formulations, scrubs and personal care products. Available in standard and custom grades, Tagua all-natural biodegradable scrubs are an excellent replacement to plastic microbeads. Our unique product is made from 100% Tagua without any additives.

Tagua is sustainably-sourced and wild-harvested in South American rainforests. The use of Tagua helps to protect Tagua trees and rainforests, as well as support local farming communities. After farmers carefully harvest the tagua seeds, we remove the dark outer skin and then mill the seeds to standard and custom sized granules and powders.

Composition Materials has supplied the Cosmetics Industry for over 30 years with Natural Exfoliation Ingredients. Tagua is also an excellent all-natural abrasive and filler for industrial applications. 

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INCI NAME: Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder

APPEARANCE: Natural white / ivory white Grains & Powders

APPLICATIONS: Cosmetics ▪ Skin Care ▪ Exfoliation ▪ Creams ▪ Soaps ▪ Texturizer

TAGUA STANDARD SIZES: 20/40 ▪ 40/60 ▪ 40/100 ▪ 60/100 ▪ 60/200 ▪ -100 ▪ -200

PACKAGING: 50 lb. Drums ▪ 250 lb. Drums ▪ 1,500 lb. Super-Sacks ▪ Custom Packaging

COSMETIC SERVICES: Sterilization ▪ Special Packaging ▪ Custom Sizes

Tagua Trees in South American rainforest:

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