Almond Meal For Cosmetics

Almond Meal 2rALMOND MEAL is a gentle exfoliation ingredient for use in skin care & cosmetic formulations. We supply all-natural and biodegradable Almond Meal from 100% California almonds. Also available: Organic Almond Meal.

A trusted name in natural cosmetics ingredients for over 30 years, Composition Materials Co., Inc. manufactures and supplies Walnut Shell, Apricot Shell, Tagua Natural White Exfoliant and Almond Meal. Almond meal is

For product information and ordering, please call 800-262-7763. Cosmetic services include: sterilization & custom packaging. 

APPEARANCE ▪ Coarse ground, all-natural
APPLICATIONS ▪ Cosmetics ▪ Skin Care ▪ Exfoliation ▪ Creams ▪ Soaps ▪ Texturizer
STANDARD SIZE ▪ Finely Diced
PACKAGING ▪ 50 lb. Drums ▪ 250 lb. Drums ▪ 1,500 lb. Super-Sacks ▪ Custom Packaging
COSMETIC SERVICES ▪ Sterilization ▪ Special Packaging ▪ Custom Sizes