Bio-Based Fillers

Since 1923, Composition Materials has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of bio-based natural fillers. Our bio-fillers are environmentally friendly additives used in composites, compounds, polymers, paints and adhesives. Available in granular, textured and powdered forms, these natural ingredients offer sustainable  solutions to industries worldwide. Each of our bio-based fillers are milled and sifted to standard and custom sizes to produce bio-based, sustainable and biodegradable fillers.

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Walnut Shell Fillers

• Non-skid/anti-slip for floors & decks
• Walnut Flour for adhesives compounding
• Burn-out filler in ceramics for porosity
• Oil-well filtration media

Corn Cob Abrasives

• Non-toxic blast media; renewable
• Blast cleaning & paint stripping
• Refurbishing log homes
• Tumbling, polishing & deburring


• Eco-Friendly Products
• Standard & Custom Sizes
• Sustainable Filler
• 100% Natural

Pecan Shell Fillers

• All-natural
• Biodegradable
• Filler in adhesives & resins
• Filtration media

Wood Flours

• Hardwoods & Softwoods
• Versatile filler & extender
• Adhesives, rubber, paper
• Filtration, cleaning, absorbency

Rice Hulls Bio Filler

• Biodegradable Filler
• Environmentally Friendly
• Sustainably Sourced Materials
• Various Size Selections


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