Deflashing Media

Composition Materials supplies Deflashing  & Deburring media: Cryogenic Deflashing, Polycarbonate Pellets, Polystyrene Beads, Nylon Polyamide Pellets, Plastic Media and Walnut Shell Grit. Common applications include deflashing rubber, thermoset parts, molds, screws, plastics, die-casting, electronics and deburring delicate parts and components. Please click on the links below for more information on each of the deflashing products:

Deflashing Media

Cryogenic Deflash Media

  • Long-Lasting Media
  • Cryogenic-Grade
  • Deflashing Rubber Parts
  • Consistent Particle Sizing

Polycarbonate Deflashing

  • Ambient & Cryogenic Grades
  • Non-toxic, dust-free deflashing
  • Long-lasting & reusable
  • For rubber, plastics, metals, electronics

Deburring Media

  • Rubber & Thermoset Parts
  • Wheel & Air Blasting Operations
  • Tight Size Tolerances
  • Cryogenic & Polycarbonate Media

Nylon Polyamide Pellets

  • Deflashing rubber, electronics, die-casting
  • Excellent for delicate parts & components
  • Durable, long-lasting media
  • Low dust & low abrasion

Polystryrene Beads

  • Delicate electronics & rubber parts
  • Precision filler
  • Void space maintainer
  • No residue

Walnut Shell Blasting

  • Eco-friendly crushed shell grit
  • Walnut shell sandblasting, blast cleaning
  • Steel, buildings, bridges, boats
  • Deflashing media

Melamine Plastic Media

  • Most aggressive Plastic Media grade
  • Paint stripping, mold cleaning
  • Hard to remove paints & primers
  • Best on steel & hard substrates