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Blasting 1961 Mercedes

Using custom-engineered PLASTI-GRIT®, the following video shows ... More

Blasting 1960 Corvette

Plastic media blasting efficiently removes paint from a 1960 ... More

Walnut Shell Blasting Bronze Statue

Walnut shell blasting statue of Avery Alexander: The Monumental ... More

1954 Corvette Plastic Media

Removing paint from a 1954 Corvette using PLASTI-GRIT®. Paint ... More

Media Blasting Sculpture

Abrasive Blasting quickly removes rust and oxidation from this ... More

Corn Cob Log Home Inside

Corn Cob blasting is used in log home interior restoration is to ... More

Walnut Shell U.S. Navy

Working with U.S. Navy Norfolk on a new method of removing paint ... More

Blast Cleaning Brick

Cleaning an old brick building of accumulated soot and grime, ... More

Corn Cob Log Home

Corn Cob blasting removes old stain and paint when restoring log ... More

Walnut Shell Non-Skid

Walnut Shell Grit is easily added to paint, mixed-in and applied ... More

Plastic Media Train

This video shows highlights of using plastic media blasting to ... More

Plastic Media BAE Jet

British Aerospace Hawk Jet airplane is carefully masked, and then ... More

Plastic Media WWII Airplane

Paint removal from rare Vampire Jet. The Vampire  is made of ... More

Plastic Media Intro

Paint stripping of cars & trucks, this video highlights the ... More

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