1954 Corvette Plastic Media

Removing paint from a 1954 Corvette using PLASTI-GRIT®. Paint removal from the Corvette’s fiberglass body requires careful handling of its delicate surface. Air pressure, media type, media size and distance are all important variables in achieving best results. This video highlights expert blasting by American Dry Stripping with PLASTI-GRIT®.

One of the best features of plastic media blasting is its ability to do an excellent job removing paint from soft substrates, such as fiberglass, composites or aluminum. With careful calibrations of blast parameters, the Corvette will have all of the paint removed, making it ready for restoration and new paint. As shown in the video, plastic abrasives, provide superior paint stripping results.

Composition Materials manufactures PLASTI-GRIT® from 100% recycled materials. Plastic Media Blasting is a proven method for removing coatings from cars, airplanes, trucks, boats, trains and helicopters. For more information and assistance with selecting the best plastic media size and type, call Composition Materials at (800) 262-7763.

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