Walnut Shell Media

Composition Materials has been supplying Walnut Shell for over 60 years to industries worldwide. Our eco-friendly Walnut Shell is a tough, all-natural, versatile abrasive for industrial blasting, cleaning, paint stripping, coating removal, deflashing, deburring, tumbling, filtration, as well as cosmetics scrubs. Walnut Shell media is reclaimable and biodegradable and available in coarse, medium, fine and powder sizes. Walnut Shell flours are excellent fillers for adhesives and compounds. Our Cosmetic Walnut Shell is widely used for exfoliation scrubs and is an excellent microbead replacement in soaps, hand washes and personal care products. Many sizes in stock, contact us for quick shipping & volume discounts (800) 262-7763.

Walnut Shell Products

Walnut Shell Products

  • Eco-friendly crushed shell grit
  • Walnut shell sandblasting, blast cleaning
  • Steel, buildings, bridges, boats
  • Deflashing media

Cosmetic Walnut Shell

  • Premium grade for Body & Bath products
  • All-natural exfoliation ingredient
  • Walnut shell grit, flour & powder
  • Custom blends, packaging & sterilization

Walnut Shell Fillers

  • Non-skid/anti-slip for floors & decks
  • Walnut Flour for adhesives compounding
  • Burn-out filler in ceramics for porosity
  • Oil-well filtration media

Agrashell® Products

  • Agrashell Walnut Shell Products
  • Blasting, filtration, cleaning
  • Cosmetic grits, flours & powders
  • Porosity enhancer for ceramics

Walnut Shell Sizes

– Crushed Walnut Shell Grit Sieve Analysis – Ground Walnut Shell Flour Sieve Analysis