Fillers and Extenders

Composition Materials has been supplying industry for over 95 years with specialty recycled fillers and aggregates for a wide range of industries.  Our innovative eco-friendly powders include all-natural Walnut Shells, recycled thermoset plastic powders, wood flours, corn cob and rice hulls. These unique materials are used to help strengthen adhesion, increase or decrease weight, increase flexibility or rigidity, enhance appearance as texture and non-slip surfaces. Non-Skid/Anti-Slip products can be mixed into paints & coatings as well as broadcasted.  We assist companies worldwide in determining the best product match for each unique application. Please contact us for product samples and information. Filler/Extender Selection

Fillers & Extenders

Wood Flours

  • Hardwoods & Softwoods
  • Versatile filler & extender
  • Adhesives, rubber, paper
  • Filtration, cleaning, absorbency

Fillers & Aggregates

  • Plastic grits & flour additives 
  • Additive in resins & compounds
  • Available in clear & multi-colored
  • Non-skid & anti-slip paint additive

Walnut Shell Fillers

  • Non-skid/anti-slip for floors & decks
  • Walnut Flour for adhesives compounding
  • Burn-out filler in ceramics for porosity
  • Oil-well filtration media

Pecan Shell

  • All-natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Filler in adhesives & resins
  • Filtration media

Non-Skid Aggregates

  • Plastic Media, Walnut Shells
  • Mix-in paints for easy coating
  • Floors, ramps, decks, boats, pools
  • Aluminum oxide

Fillers, Fibers & Powders

  • Fillers with unique characteristics
  • Rice Hull Ash, Rice Hulls
  • Ground Rubber, Ground Leather
  • Sisal, Flocks, Cellulose & more!

Selecting Fillers & Extenders

Fillers & Entenders can increase or decrease strength, flexibility, rigidity or weight; alter specific gravity, hardness or reactivity; introduce non-skid / anti-slip surfaces & coatings; and change appearance, color or texture.