Non-Skid Aggregates

Composition Materials Co., Inc. supplies non-slip / anti-skid aggregates in a wide range of granular materials, sizes and colors. Many anti-slip materials can be mixed-in with paints or broadcasted on coatings. Specialty aggregates are available for use in epoxy and urethane formulas. Our specialty fillers include 100% recycled Clear-Cut®, a light-weight, durable clear/white additive for use in paints, epoxies and urethanes. Non-slip additives are used in flooring, factories, ramps, warehouses, stairs, boats, docks, surfboards, bath tubs and shower stalls. Contact us for assistance on product selection, technical support and ordering (800) 262-7763.

       Clear-Cut®         Walnut Shell   Aluminum Oxide
 Wooden Decks    
 Pool Decks    
 Shower Stalls    
 Surf Boards    
 Skate Boards
 Factory Floors  
 Boat & Ship Decks