Polycarbonate Deflashing

deflashing-media-080Our industry-leading Polycarbonate media for deflashing & deburring maintains sizing and impact strength in blast operations at cryogenic and ambient temperatures. Polycarbonate blast beads are non-toxic, environmentally safe, dust-free, reusable and long-lasting even at higher blasting speeds. Our media is manufactured with consistent particle sizing with tight tolerances. Applications include: rubber, thermosets, molds, plastics, composites, electronics and die-castings. Media does not mar surfaces or leave residues. Available in white, yellow, red & blue. Contact us for technical information and product support. [table id=75 /]

Plastic Blast Grit

Plastic Media Abrasives

  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • Low-cost method of paint stripping
  • Mil-Spec approved: MIL-P-85891A
  • Coatings removal & surface cleaning

Urea Plastic Media

  • Media blasting, paint stripping
  • Cars, boats, trucks, motor homes
  • Steel, aluminum, industrial parts
  • Most versatile Plastic Media grade

Melamine Plastic Media

  • Most aggressive Plastic Media grade
  • Paint stripping, mold cleaning
  • Hard to remove paints & primers
  • Best on steel & hard substrates

Clear-Cut® Plastic Media

  • Media blasting, paint stripping
  • Safe for delicate surfaces
  • Aluminum, fiberglass, composites
  • Boats, Corvettes, soft metal parts

Acrylic Plastic Media

  • Media blasting, paint stripping
  • Boats, aircraft, motor homes
  • Fiberglass, aluminum, composites
  • “More forgiving” in hands of operator

Recycled Fillers

  • Recycled media for resins & epoxies
  • Lightweight non-skid & anti-slip media
  • Coarse, medium, fine & powder grades
  • Available in clear/white & multi-colored

Polyester Plastic Media

  • Softest Grade
  • Media Blasting, paint stripping
  • Soft metals & composites
  • Deflashing electronics & circuit boards

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