Deburring Media


Deburring Media available for cryogenic operations, rubber and plastic parts, molds and thermoset plastics deburring. All media is non-toxic and meets stringent size tolerances for use in air blast, wheel blast and tumbling operations. Media includes Polycarbonate (Cryogenic & Ambient grades), Nylon Polyamide and Plastic Blast Media.

Call 800-262-7763 for technical information & product selection on all of our long-lasting & cost-savings media.

Cryogenic Deflashing Media

Media for deburring rubber parts at cryogenic temperatures.

Polycarbonate Media

Media for deburring rubber and plastic parts at ambient temperatures.

Nylon Pellets

Nylon Polyamide pellets for efficient deburring applications.

Plastic Media

Plastic Blast Media for economical deburring of manufactured parts.

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Media

Aluminum Oxide for deburring metal parts.

Steel Shot Media

 Steel Shot for deburring metal parts.

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