Corn Cob Blast Media

Composition Materials has been a Corn Cob media supplier for over 60 years . Corn Cob is a versatile all-natural abrasive used in Blasting, Tumbling, Polishing, Vibratory Finishing, Log Home Restoration, Absorbency, Deburring, Deflashing, Drying and Cosmetics. Corn Cob products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable. In blast operations, cob is reclaimable for multiple uses and safe for use on delicate surfaces and parts. We supply Corn Cob blasting media for use on log cabins, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, buildings and boats. We supply Corn Cob in all standard sizes.

For assistance with ordering, size selection and technical support, contact us at 800-262-7763.


SIZES : +8 ▪ 10/14 (#1) ▪ 14/20 (#2) ▪ 20/40 (#3) ▪ 40/60 ▪ – 80

PACKAGING: Paper Bags ▪ 40 Bags / Pallet


APPEARANCE: Granular angular particles

SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 1.0 – 1.2 gm / cu cm


Corn Cob granules are highly absorbent in drying operations (up to 5x its weight in water) and effective in clean-ups of oil spills.


Corn Cob is widely is used for vibratory finishing and polishing brass parts and casings. It is also used in rotary tumblers, however, the inside of the casings is better cleaned in vibratory operations. For more heavily tarnished or dirty metals, Walnut Shell Media may be recommended.


Corn Cob provides a smooth and even finish in log home restoration. Reclaimable & reusable, this blasting method quickly removes old stain, water marks and debris to prepare wood for new clear coats and stain.  It does an excellent job when restoring wood panels and furniture.

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