Cosmetics Ingredients

Tagua PowderFor more than 30 years, our all-natural biodegradable ingredients have been used in personal care product formulations worldwide. Composition Materials manufactures premium all-natural exfoliation ingredients, scrubs, grains, flours & powders. Natural exfoliants include: Walnut Shell, Apricot Shell, Tagua White Scrub, Almond Meal, Almond Shell, Pecan Shell and Corn Cob. All products are minimally processed and contain no additives or fillers.

We work closely with Cosmetic formulators in product selection, sizing, packaging and sterilization services. Custom manufacturing available for special size and packaging needs.

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Cosmetic Raw Ingredients

  • All-Natural Exfoliants
  • Biodegradable
  • Alternative to microbeads
  • Scrubs & powders

Tagua White Scrub

  • 100% natural white cosmetic ingredient
  • Use in scrubs, exfoliants & creams
  • Alternative to microbeads
  • Available in grit, powder & flour

Cosmetic Walnut Shell

  • Premium grade for Body & Bath products
  • All-natural exfoliation ingredient
  • Walnut shell grit, flour & powder
  • Custom blends, packaging & sterilization

Apricot Cosmetic Scrub

  • Apricot Pit Shell Grits & Flours 
  • Cosmetic-Grade available
  • Skin care & exfoliation products
  • All-natural ingredient

Almond Meal For Cosmetics

  • Premium-Grade Almond Meal
  • All-natural & biodegradable
  • Gentle exfoliation ingredient
  • Used in skin care, body & bath