Black Walnut Shell Media

Composition Materials has been supplying premium-grade Black Walnut Shell products for over 60 years. Black Walnut Shell (juglans nigra) is a sustainably-sourced biodegradable abrasive with unique characteristics when comparing with the more common variety English Walnut Shell (juglans regia).

Black Walnuts have a particularly hard shell which offers advantages especially as a filtration media. In oilfield filtration applications, Black Walnut Shell offers an efficient all-natural solution for separating oil or suspended solids from water. This abrasive media also offers excellent performance in blasting, cleaning and polishing operations, as well as natural cosmetic scrubs.

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APPLICATIONS ▪ Filtration ▪ Blasting ▪ Paint & Coating Removal ▪ Cleaning ▪ Polishing
PACKAGING ▪ 50 lb. Bags ▪ 40 Bags per Pallet ▪ 2,000 lb. Super-Sacks
SIZES ▪ 6/10 ▪ 8/12 ▪ 12/20 ▪ 20/30 ▪ 30/100 ▪ -100