UK Seeks Microbead Ban in 2017

Amidst rising concerns that microplastics are polluting oceans and waterways, it has been reported that the United Kingdom will begin to outline legislation later this year to ban microbeads from cosmetics products such as soaps, scrubs and toothpaste. Many species of marine life have been found to ingest microbeads, mistaking them for food, leading to potential health concerns.

With the U.S. ban on Microbeads going into effect in 2017, other countries are also working on legislation including Canada and Australia. France passed legislation banning microbeads in cosmetic scrubs beginning in 2018.

Composition Materials has been supplying the cosmetics industry with all-natural scrubs and exfoliants for over 30 years. These environmentally safe ingredients include products made from Walnut Shell, Apricot Shell and Tagua.

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All-Natural Apricot Scrub: Microbead Replacement
All-Natural Apricot Scrub: Microbead Replacement

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