Plastic Media WWII Airplane

Paint removal from rare Vampire Jet. The Vampire  is made of aluminum, wood and canvas, making paint stripping a very delicate operation, and one perfectly suited for Plastic Media Blasting.   ... More

Plastic Media Intro

Paint stripping of cars & trucks, this video highlights the key advantages of paint stripping with plastic media blasting; environmentally friendly, efficient, cost-effective, no hazardous chemicals and reclaimable media. Composition Materials manufactures Plasti-Grit® plastic abrasives in 5 grades of hardness. Contact us for media selection and technical information (800) 262-7763.   ... More

Plastic Blast Media: Powder Coating Removal

An effective method of stripping all metal types, Plastic Media Blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. This article compares Plastic Media Blasting with several other stripping methods for powder coating, environmental considerations, as well as blasting equipment and costs. Powder coatings produce highly durable finishes, but can be difficult to remove when parts need to be recoated. Several stripping methods include ... More

Aviation Paint Removal & Aircraft Maintenance

Composition Materials Plasti-Grit® Plastic Blast Media is a preferred media for safely removing paint from commercial & military airplanes and jets, and in aircraft maintenance operations worldwide. Plastic Media Type V Acrylic is used on aluminum & composite aircraft skins, as well as for blasting delicate parts. Plastic Media Type II Urea is used on harder aluminum aircraft parts and landing gear. Type VI Clear-Cut is effective on aluminum and composites. ... More

Tumbling & Finishing With Corn Cob Grit & Walnut Shells

Corn Cob Grit is highly absorbent and effectively removes oils and dirt from brass, bronze and other metal parts in tumbling, vibratory finishing and polishing operations. Corn Cob media is organic, biodegradable and can be re-used. ... More

Walnut Shells for Pet Litter

Ground Walnut Shells are widely used as a natural ingredient in Pet Litters. Walnut Shell litters for cats, birds and reptiles are all natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Volume discounts available. ... More

Boat Paint Removal: Soft Abrasives Blasting

Composition Materials offers a complete line of blasting media grits for environmentally safe paint & coatings removal from boat hulls & decks.  Soft abrasive blasting media are used to quickly & safely remove paint & coatings without damaging delicate hull surfaces such as fiberglass, wood or aluminum.  For fiberglass boat paint removal, we recommend Clear-Cut Plastic Blasting Media for indoor blast operations or Walnut Shell Blasting Media for outdoor blasting.  For wooden ... More

Soil Remediation with Rice Hull Ash

We have worked with Rice Hull Ash for many years.  It has great qualities for filtration, and as a topping for molten steel.  It insulates for slow cooling without leaching carbon into the molten steel. But another very timely application is Soil Remediation.  We just delivered multiple truck loads of Rice Hull Ash to a site in the Northeast where it is being mixed with the soil to remove the volatiles from a site which has long been contaminated.   ... More

Walnut Shell Blasting: Pioneered in 1960’S with U.S. Navy

In the 1960s, the US Navy in Norfolk, Virginia sought new methods for stripping the paint off submarines. The current method, at that time, utilized steel grit blasting to go down to bare metal, removing the anti-fouling paint, the vinyl under-coating and the primer. A very inventive civilian employee of the Navy along with Ted Diamond, of Composition Materials, pioneered a new method of blasting with Walnut Shell Grit to selectively remove only the anti-fouling paint, leaving the valuable ... More


When restoring or repainting cars, considerations include the type of substrates such as steel, aluminum, plastics, composites and fiberglass, as well as the types of paints and coatings. Paint manufacturers recommend applying new paint to properly prepared surfaces. The recommendation for automobile paint stripping is Plastic Media Blasting, a rapid, economic and safe method to remove coatings without causing damage to underlying substrates including aluminum, fiberglass and even plastics. ... More

Video: Corvette Paint Stripping with Plastic Media

In this Video, American Dry Stripping removes paint from a vintage corvette using Plastic Media Blasting. The video looks at the advantages of Plastic Media Blasting: easy to use, fast paint stripping, easy to clean up, recyclable, environmentally friendly, safe on delicate substrates such as the Corvette fiberglass body, and cost effective. ... More

Dental Labs Aluminum Oxide

Dental Lab grade White Aluminum Oxide is available for etching, carving, blasting and engraving.  White Aluminum Oxide is 99.4% pure, extremely sharp and aggressive grit blasting media. ... More