Selecting Fillers for Manufacturing

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Since 1923, Composition Materials has supplied industries worldwide with specialty fillers, additives, flours, powders and texture enhancers. Our wide range of fillers and additives can be used to increase or decrease weight, volume, specific gravity, moisture and absorbency; enhance strength or adhesion; introduce texture, non-skid or anti-slip properties; add color or clear properties. We offer advanced technical support to carefully determine the additive and filler that will best accomplish the end goals.

We offer a full line of environmentally friendly products from natural and recycled sources. Commonly used grits and flours consist of natural byproducts including walnut shells, apricot pit shells and pecan shells; as well as thermoset plastics, metals and rubber. Natural fibers include sisal, cellulose and flock.

Non-skid available materials are aluminum oxide, crushed walnut shells, and thermoset plastic media — available in clear as well as colored grits and powders.

With 90 years of experience and research, we work with manufacturers worldwide toward solutions — contact us at 800-262-7763.

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