UV Masking Resins – Masking Solutions

CM Mask Peelable Grade 7Composition Materials’ UV Curable Masking Resins are available in standard Peelable and Burn-Off Grades. Custom grades can be formulated for applications that require unique specifications. Peelable grades offer excellent surface protection during surface finishing operations such as grit blasting, shot peening and polishing. Peelable grades are flexible resins with high adhesion frequently used to protect steel, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, nickel and other commonly used metals in the aerospace and medical implant manufacturing industries. Masking resins cure quickly when exposed to UV light and peel-off easily after a hot water soak. Burn-Off Grades provide excellent surface protection during aggressive turbine component processes such as Air Plasma Spray coatings, acid stripping, and machining. These hard, high adhesion masks are ideal for protecting nickel based alloys commonly used in the manufacturing of hot engine components such as blades, vanes, rotors, transitions, etc. Burn-Off resins contain no nonreactive solvents, cure quickly when exposed to UV light, and are easily removed by incineration at temperatures above 650C (1200F). UV Masking Resins offer effective masking solutions with time and cost-saving benefits.