“Green” Industrial Fillers & Extenders

Fillers & Extenders, Non-Skid Media

Composition Materials Co., Inc. Fillers & Extenders include: Walnut Shell Flour, Pecan Shell Flour, Rice Hull Ash, Rice Hulls, Rice Flour, Corn Cob Flour, Wood Flour, Hollow Glass Beads, Cellulose, Sisal, Nylon, Cotton, Metal Powders, and Thermoset Plastic Flour from Urea, Melamine and Clear-Cut.

The first step in product selection is determining the physical characteristics you want to impart to an end product. For example: increase or reduce weight; increase strength, flexibility or rigidity; add absorption characteristics; or introduce non-slip / anti-skid texture. The next step is to quantify the sought after attributes in the Filler or Extender, including particle shape or size; hardness; specific gravity; absorbency; reactive or inert; and temperature. 

Some examples of Filler and Extender applications include:

  • Extruded Lumber: Rice Hulls, Wood Flour
  • Plywood Adhesive Extender and Flex Strength additive: Walnut Shell Flour, Wood Flour
  • Non-Skid / Textured Coatings: Plasti-Grit, Walnut Shell Grit, Clear Thermoset Grit
  • Composite Flex Strengtheners: Kenaf, Cotton, Rayon Fibers
  • Ceramic Aeration additive (Burn-out): Walnut Shell Grit

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