Masking Technical Article

This article provides an overview and analysis of Masking costs, common masking methods, and introduces a new solution: UV Curable Masking Resins. The article looks closely at the benefits and advantages of UV Masking Resins. Masking for Surface Finishing Masking presents unique challenges within a variety of industries, including medical devices. Components are expensive, of high precision and subject to strict standards of manufacturing to avoid contamination. In today's environment, ... More

UV Masking Resins

CM MASK® – UV CURABLE MASKING RESINS simplify the masking process prior to surface preparation & finishing operations. Formulated to have no effect on alloys, UV resins cure in seconds upon exposure to UV light; offer increased productivity, lower masking costs, and enhanced worker & environmental safety. Advanced formulation UV Masking Resins are easy to apply and leave no residue. Industries include aerospace, medical devices & metal finishing. Resins hold up to grit blasting, ... More

UV Masking Resins – Masking Solutions

Composition Materials' UV Curable Masking Resins are available in standard Peelable and Burn-Off Grades. Custom grades can be formulated for applications that require unique specifications. Peelable grades offer excellent surface protection during surface finishing operations such as grit blasting, shot peening and polishing. Peelable grades are flexible resins with high adhesion frequently used to protect steel, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, nickel and other commonly used metals in the aerospace ... More