Walnut Shell Non-Skid

Walnut Shell Grit is easily added to paint, mixed-in and applied to surfaces  to create a non-skid / anti-slip coating. Select the Walnut Shell grade for coarse, medium or fine texture. Walnut Shell abrasives stay in suspension in most paints, for easy mix-in applications. Composition Materials has supplied Walnut Shell Abrasives for over 60 years. We supply a full line of Non-Skid Media.   ... More

8/12 Walnut Shell (AD 2.5B)

Supplier of Walnut Shell abrasives for over 60 years in all standard sizes, as well as custom grades. ... More

12/20 Walnut Shell (AD-3B)

Walnut Shell media supplier for industrial cleaning, blasting and paint removal. Contact us for technical support and information. ... More

14/30 Walnut Shells (AD-4B)

Walnut Shell abrasives supplier for over 60 years in all standard sizes and custom grades. Contact us for technical support and product information. ... More

18/40 Walnut Shell (AD-6B)

... More

Recycled Fillers

Composition Materials manufactures and supplies light-weight thermoset-plastic fillers made from 100% recycled materials. Our innovative fillers and aggregates are available in clear-white, multi-color or single color; shiny or mat; granular or fine powder. Used in paints, coatings, compounding, plastics, epoxies, resins, flooring, anti-skid surfacing and counter tops. These materials are used as non-skid/anti-slip aggregates and commonly applied to decks, floors, garages, boats, ramps, swimming ... More

“Green” Industrial Fillers & Extenders

Composition Materials Co., Inc. Fillers & Extenders include: Walnut Shell Flour, Pecan Shell Flour, Rice Hull Ash, Rice Hulls, Rice Flour, Corn Cob Flour, Wood Flour, Hollow Glass Beads, Cellulose, Sisal, Nylon, Cotton, Metal Powders, and Thermoset Plastic Flour from Urea, Melamine and Clear-Cut. The first step in product selection is determining the physical characteristics you want to impart to an end product. For example: increase or reduce weight; increase strength, flexibility or ... More

Non-Skid / Anti-Slip Solutions

For creating an anti-skid surface, floor, ramp, deck or pool, Composition Materials Co., Inc. offers a range of product solutions. Ground Walnut Shells and Plastic Media are durable anti-slip products with a low specific gravity, just above water, and therefore mix well with paint & coatings rather than sinking to the bottom like traditional non-skid additives. This allows them to be applied with the coating, creating an easy method to achieve a consistent non-skid surface.   ... More

Non-Skid Aggregates

Composition Materials Co., Inc. supplies non-slip / anti-skid aggregates in a wide range of granular materials, sizes and colors. Many anti-slip materials can be mixed-in with paints or broadcasted on coatings. Specialty aggregates are available for use in epoxy and urethane formulas. Our specialty fillers include 100% recycled Clear-Cut®, a light-weight, durable clear/white additive for use in paints, epoxies and urethanes. Non-slip additives are used in flooring, factories, ramps, warehouses, ... More