Selecting Fillers for Manufacturing

Since 1923, Composition Materials has supplied industries worldwide with specialty fillers, additives, flours, powders and texture enhancers. Our wide range of fillers and additives can be used to increase or decrease weight, volume, specific gravity, moisture and absorbency; enhance strength or adhesion; introduce texture, non-skid or anti-slip properties; add color or clear properties. We offer advanced technical support to carefully determine the additive and filler that will best accomplish ... More

Recycled Fillers

Composition Materials manufactures and supplies light-weight thermoset-plastic fillers made from 100% recycled materials. Our innovative fillers and aggregates are available in clear-white, multi-color or single color; shiny or mat; granular or fine powder. Used in paints, coatings, compounding, plastics, epoxies, resins, flooring, anti-skid surfacing and counter tops. These materials are used as non-skid/anti-slip aggregates and commonly applied to decks, floors, garages, boats, ramps, swimming ... More

Fillers, Fibers & Powders

Contact us for assistance in selecting the Filler & Extender with the specific characteristics being targeted.  Each Filler, Fiber & Extender offers unique solutions: Almond Meal Aluminum Tri-Hydrate Apricot Kernal Shell Flour Asbestos Substitute Cellulose Corn Cob Flour - for cosmetics Cotton Flock - light-weight filler Glass Beads - hollow glass beads Kenaf Kevlar Leather Fiber - for reconstituted leather board and specialty papers and polishing ... More

Wood Flours

WOOD FLOUR FILLERS & EXTENDERS are available in Softwood & Hardwood grades in a wide variety of mesh sizes for Filler & Extender applications.  Wood Flour is used as a filler in manufacturing adhesives, rubber, thermoset plastics, wood composites, roofing paper and roofing shingles. Wood Flours are also used in filtration applications, as well as for absorbency (it can absorb 3x its weight in water) in cleaning industrial spills and soil remediation. Wood Flour is a versatile Filler ... More

Selecting Fillers & Extenders

Determine the physical properties of a material you desire to impart to your end product: Extend without absorbing expensive active ingredient Reduce or increase weight Introduce non-slip or texture characteristics, as in flooring and wall coatings Add anti-sag characteristics Increase strength Increase flexibility or rigidity Change sound absorption characteristics Then, quantify the attributes you need in the Filler or Extender to give you the results you are looking ... More