Plastic Media Articles

Plastic Blasting Corvette

Vehicles are now made up of more types of substrates than ever before. For efficient automotive coatings removal before new paint is applied, Plastic Media Blasting is considered the safe, rapid, environmentally friendly, economic method. Plastic Media Blasting replaces chemical strippers, sandblasting and hand abrasion. This article reviews how to preserve surface integrity during automotive restoration.  

Power Coating Removal

The newer durable finishes for many commercial and industrial parts have been almost impossible to remove without causing irreparable damage to structural properties. As well as severe environmental problems. However, Plastic Media Blasting with recyclable Plastic Grit media, effectively removes coatings while retaining substrate integrity. This article reviews the benefits of Plastic Media Blasting for paint stripping powder coatings. 

Striping Organic Coatings

For safe removal of product finishes, the major question is: “How best to remove coatings without damaging fragile substrates?” Exploring all currently available stripping techniques, this article–reprinted from Products Finishing 1997 Directory–features Plastic Media Blasting for surface preservation

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