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Composition Materials Co., Inc. supplies products for a wide range of Industries:

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

Aluminum Oxide — tough & sharp edged versatile abrasive for excellent performance in blasting, cleaning and surface preparation. Aluminum Oxide also provides outstanding non-skid & anti-slip applications on floors, ramps and stairs. Composition Materials has been supplying abrasives worldwide for over 60 years, and we supply Aluminum Oxide abrasives in all standard sizes from coarse to fine in Brown & White grades:

Development of Plasti-Grit® Plastic Blast Media

This article was originally published in November, 1987 in Aviation Ground Equipment Market.  The article provides an historic overview of the development of Plasti-Grit® plastic blast media. No question about it — chemical stripping is dangerous and dirty.  And the EPA and OSHA do not like it. So — after decades of costly, inefficient and certifiably treacherous wet stripping of aircraft, the US government is launching an initiative to deal with the triple threat of health hazards, air pollution and toxic waste.  Naval bases as well as private companies have been advised to look for a better way to remove contaminants such …

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Composition Materials Co., Inc. manufactures & supplies products across a wide range of applications, including Paint Stripping, Coating Removal, Abrasive Media Blasting, Blast Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Deflashing, Deburring, Tumbling, Polishing, Non-Skid Surfacing, Adhesives Compounding, Masking and many more.  Since 1923, we have worked with industries worldwide as a leader in environmentally-safe products from recycled and renewable sources.  The following provides an overview of Applications with possible Product Selection.  Each application and operation has unique variables and requirements. Contact us for assistance with your specific application & product solution at 800-262-7763.

Plastic Blast Media

  • Plastic sandblasting; Mil-Spec approved
  • Paint stripping & coatings removal
  • Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composites
  • Cars, trucks, aircraft, military, boats

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