Walnut Shell Media

Walnut 9CRUSHED WALNUT SHELL BLASTING MEDIA is an eco-friendly, environmentally-safe soft abrasive grit used in Media Blasting, Blast Cleaning, Paint Stripping, Coatings Removal, Deflashing, Deburring, Tumbling and Filtration applications. Composition Materials Co., Inc. is a leading innovator of ground Walnut Shell products with worldwide distribution. Walnut Shell flours are excellent fillers in manufacturing adhesives and compounds. Cosmetic-Grade Walnut Shell grits, flours and powders are used as ingredients in cosmetics manufacturing. Additional nutshell products include Apricot Kernel Shell Grits & Flours, Pecan Shell Grits & Flours, and Agrashell® products. Contact us for media selection & ordering assistance.

Walnut Shell Products

Walnut Shell Blast Media

Walnut Shell Blasting

  • Eco-friendly crushed shell grit
  • Walnut shell sandblasting, blast cleaning
  • Steel, buildings, bridges, boats
  • Selective coatings removal, deflashing
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Cosmetic Walnut Shell

  • Premium grade for Cosmetics Industry
  • All-natural ingredient for exfoliants, creams
  • Walnut shell grits, flours & powders
  • Custom blends, packaging & sterilization
Walnut Litter Photo

Walnut Shell Pet Litter

  • Pet litter for reptiles & birds
  • Reduces bacteria & mold
  • Biodegradable & easy to compost
  • Volume discounts available
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Fillers: Walnut Shell

  • Non-skid/anti-slip for floors & decks
  • Walnut Flour for adhesives compounding
  • Burn-out filler in ceramics for porosity
  • Oil-well filtration media
Apricot Shell Web

Apricot Shell Grit

  • Apricot Pit Shell Grits & Flours 
  • Cosmetic-Grade available
  • Skin care & exfoliation products
  • All-natural ingredient
Walnut Shells are used in blasting, paint removal, filtration, pet litter and cosmetics

Agrashell® Products

  • Agrashell Walnut Shell Products
  • Blasting, filtration, cleaning
  • Cosmetic grits, flours & powders
  • Porosity enhancer for ceramics

Walnut Shell Applications

This article provides an overview of Walnut Shells uses & applications including, walnut shell blasting, non-skid/anti-slip media, pet litter, cosmetics and filtration.

Walnut Shell Standard Sizes

- Crushed Walnut Shell Grit Sieve Analysis – Ground Walnut Shell Flour Sieve Analysis