Plastic Blasting Media

Plastic Media Blasting TruckPLASTI-GRIT® – PLASTIC BLASTING MEDIA is an environmentally-safe abrasive media for efficient paint stripping, coatings removal, deflashing, surface preparation, mold cleaning and nearly every other industrial cleaning application. For over 30 years, Composition Materials has been a leading worldwide supplier of Plastic Media for use in removing paint, coatings, primers, epoxies and powder coatings from steel, plastics, aluminum, fiberglass, composites, brass and other materials. Plastic Media replaces chemical stripping, sand blasting and other hard abrasives that can damage delicate substrates. Plastic grits are made from recycled materials & are reclaimable many times.  For use on cars, trucks, airplanes, trains & more! MIL-P-85891A approved. Contact us to order today!

Plastic Blast Grit

Plastic Blast Media Aggressiveness Chart

Plastic Media Advantages

  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • Low-cost method of paint stripping
  • Mil-Spec approved: MIL-P-85891A
  • Coatings removal & surface cleaning
Plastic Filler 1

Plastic Media Fillers

  • Plastic grits & flour additives 
  • Additive in resins & compounds
  • Available in clear & multi-colored
  • Non-skid & anti-slip paint additive

Urea: Type II

  • Media blasting, paint stripping
  • Cars, boats, trucks, motor homes
  • Steel, aluminum, industrial parts
  • Most versatile Plastic Media grade
Plasti-Grit Type III Melamine

Melamine: TYPE III

  • Most aggressive Plastic Media grade
  • Paint stripping, mold cleaning
  • Hard to remove paints & primers
  • Best on steel & hard substrates

Acrylic: Type V

  • Media blasting, paint stripping
  • Boats, aircraft, motor homes
  • Fiberglass, aluminum, composites
  • “More forgiving” in hands of operator

Clear-Cut®: Type VI

  • Media blasting, paint stripping
  • Safe for delicate surfaces
  • Aluminum, fiberglass, composites
  • Boats, Corvettes, soft metal parts

Polyester: Type I

  • Softest Grade
  • Media Blasting, paint stripping
  • Soft metals & composites
  • Deflashing electronics & circuit boards
Powder coating is blasted off with plastic blast media.

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