Corn Cob Blasting Log Home Interior

Corn Cob Video Pic 2

In this video, Corn Bob media is used to remove old stain and water damage to restore a log home interior during restoration.  The video features an interview with an industry expert who speaks about the advantages of Corn Cob for restoring wood.  The interior logs in the video are effectively stripped of water damage and old stain and brought back to their original condition. ... More

Walnut Shell Blasting History At U.S. Navy Norfolk

Walnut Shell Blasting History US Navy Norfolk

In this video, Ted Diamond, retired President of Composition Materials Co., Inc. talks about working with the U.S. Navy in finding a new method of removing paint from Navy submarines.  The Navy had been refurbishing ship hulls using abrasive mineral grit that removed all of the layers of paint and coatings down to bare steel, which proved costly.  Ted Diamond introduced the use of Walnut Shells which removed the top coatings of paint while leaving the valuable undercoating intact.  The ... More

We’ve Gone Solar in Our 17,000 Sq Ft Plant!


Composition Materials Co., Inc. is exited to announce that solar power was turned on in January! With a commitment to running a green business, installing a solar power generation system was a perfect fit for powering our 17,000 sq ft plant.       ... More

Development of Plasti-Grit® Plastic Blast Media

Abrasives Article November 1987 Plasti-Grit 2

This article was originally published in November, 1987 in Aviation Ground Equipment Market.  The article provides an historic overview of the development of Plasti-Grit® plastic blast media. No question about it — chemical stripping is dangerous and dirty.  And the EPA and OSHA do not like it. So — after decades of costly, inefficient and certifiably treacherous wet stripping of aircraft, the US government is launching an initiative to deal with the triple threat of health hazards, air ... More

Abrasive Media Blasting for Cleaning Brick

Composition Materials supplies a wide range abrasive blast media to quickly and efficiently blast clean surfaces, paint and coatings.

This video highlights abrasive media blasting to clean an old brick building of accumulated soot and grime. Media blasting is a quick and efficient method of cleaning brick and other building surfaces including wood and metal.  Abrasives used to clean brick and other surfaces include crushed walnut shells, corn cob, glass beads and plastic blast media. Each blasting operation is unique and requires determining the blast parameters best suited for maximum efficiency without damaging surfaces ... More