Eagle Ornament Restoration with Media Blasting

Eagle Ornament Needing Restoration

We were recently contacted to help with restoring classic eagle ornaments. Over many years of weather exposure, the eagles had lost their finish and were in need of restoration. We contacted our local blast shop, American Dry Stripping, and they used our PLASTI-GRIT® Plastic Blast Media, a soft abrasive, to safely strip the delicate aluminum ornaments without pitting or marring.  This prepared the surface with an even and smooth finish. The owner of the eagles was thrilled with the results and ... More

Abrasive Media Blasting Horse Sculpture

Media Blasting Horse Scuplture

Watch this video to see Abrasive Media Blasting quickly remove rust and oxidation from this beautiful horse sculpture, by Marcia Spivak. Media Blasting efficiently prepares the steel surface for new paint during restoration. ... More

Collector Car Restoration: Paint Removal

Plastic Media Blasting Corvette Composition Materials

Car collectors and enthusiasts are some of the most demanding customers when it comes to refinishing surfaces.  Nothing short of a perfect finish is acceptable when restoring a classic. Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying Plastic Blast Media for over 30 years.  This paint stripping technology consistently achieves excellent results on cars of all types, including classics, like this Corvette.     Expert blast operators efficiently remove ... More

Corn Cob Blasting Log Home Interior

Corn Cob Video Pic 2

In this video, Corn Bob media is used to remove old stain and water damage to restore a log home interior during restoration.  The video features an interview with an industry expert who speaks about the advantages of Corn Cob for restoring wood.  The interior logs in the video are effectively stripped of water damage and old stain and brought back to their original condition. ... More

Walnut Shell Blasting History At U.S. Navy Norfolk

Walnut Shell Blasting History US Navy Norfolk

In this video, Ted Diamond, retired President of Composition Materials Co., Inc. talks about working with the U.S. Navy in finding a new method of removing paint from Navy submarines.  The Navy had been refurbishing ship hulls using abrasive mineral grit that removed all of the layers of paint and coatings down to bare steel, which proved costly.  Ted Diamond introduced the use of Walnut Shells which removed the top coatings of paint while leaving the valuable undercoating intact.  The ... More