walnut shells

Walnut Shell Non-Skid

Walnut Shell Grit is easily added to paint, mixed-in and applied to surfaces  to create a non-skid / anti-slip coating. Select the Walnut Shell grade for coarse, medium or fine texture. Walnut Shell abrasives stay in suspension in most paints, for easy mix-in applications. Composition Materials has supplied Walnut Shell Abrasives for over 60 years. We supply a full line of Non-Skid Media.

Tumbling & Finishing With Corn Cob Grit & Walnut Shells

Corn Cob Grit is highly absorbent and effectively removes oils and dirt from brass, bronze and other metal parts in tumbling, vibratory finishing and polishing operations. Corn Cob media is organic, biodegradable and can be re-used. Walnut Shell Grit is a long lasting tumbling and vibratory finishing media, great for cleaning & polishing brass & bronze; and, it is also biodegradable. Both Corn Cob & Walnut Shell grits can be mixed with finishing creams for burnishing, polishing and buffing.

Walnut Shells for Pet Litter

Ground Walnut Shells are widely used as a natural ingredient in Pet Litters. Walnut Shell litters for cats, birds and reptiles are all natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Volume discounts available.

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