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Walnut Shell U.S. Navy

Working with U.S. Navy Norfolk on a new method of removing paint from Navy submarines, retired President of Composition Materials Co., Inc. talks about developing Walnut Shell Blasting in the 1960’s. The Navy had been refurbishing ship hulls using abrasive mineral grit that removed all of the layers of paint and coatings down to bare steel, which proved costly. Ted Diamond introduced Walnut Shells which removed the top coatings of paint while leaving the valuable undercoating intact. This innovation offered the Navy significant savings in time and money, and helped pioneer environmentally-friendly paint removal. Today, Composition Materials is one of …

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Boat Paint Removal: Soft Abrasives Blasting

Composition Materials offers a complete line of blasting media grits for environmentally safe paint & coatings removal from boat hulls & decks.  Soft abrasive blasting media are used to quickly & safely remove paint & coatings without damaging delicate hull surfaces such as fiberglass, wood or aluminum.  For fiberglass boat paint removal, we recommend Clear-Cut Plastic Blasting Media for indoor blast operations or Walnut Shell Blasting Media for outdoor blasting.  For wooden boats, we recommend either Walnut Shell Blasting Media or Corn Cob Blasting Media. Clear-Cut Plastic Blasting Media is effective on aluminum boats. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the media …

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