Blasting 1960 Corvette

Plastic media blasting efficiently removes paint from a 1960 fiberglass Corvette without damaging the delicate Corvette surface. Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been manufacturing PLASTI-GRIT® for over 30 years in 5 grades of hardness: Urea, Melamine, Acrylic, Clear-Cut® and Polyester. Plastic abrasives are used worldwide as a leading method of removing paint and coatings from cars, boats, planes, trains, landing gear, helicopters and more! Removing paint from a vintage Corvette requires ... More

Collector Car Restoration: Paint Removal

Car collectors and enthusiasts are some of the most demanding customers when it comes to refinishing surfaces.  Nothing short of a perfect finish is acceptable when restoring a classic. Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying Plastic Blast Media for over 30 years.  This paint stripping technology consistently achieves excellent results on cars of all types, including classics, like this Corvette.     Expert blast operators efficiently remove ... More

Development of Plasti-Grit® Plastic Blast Media

This article was originally published in November, 1987 in Aviation Ground Equipment Market.  The article provides an historic overview of the development of Plasti-Grit® plastic blast media. No question about it — chemical stripping is dangerous and dirty.  And the EPA and OSHA do not like it. So — after decades of costly, inefficient and certifiably treacherous wet stripping of aircraft, the US government is launching an initiative to deal with the triple threat of health hazards, air ... More

Plastic Media Abrasives

Composition Materials Co., Inc. custom-engineers PLASTI-GRIT® plastic media from 100% recycled materials. Plastic abrasives supplier of 5-grades of hardness for efficient and economical paint removal, blast cleaning, deflashing and deburring. Plastic Blast Media offers excellent cutting action and results without marring or damaging even delicate surfaces. Plastic abrasives are also commonly used as anti-slip fillers in paints, flooring, coatings and non-skid aggregate formulations. MIL-P-85891A ... More

Plastic Media Train

This video shows highlights of using plastic media blasting to clean trains, effectively removing coatings with .5 inches of filler, without the need to mask rubber seals around windows. Plastic media is the preferred method of blast cleaning on steel, aluminum, alloys and composites. For over 30 years, Composition Materials has custom-engineered PLASTI-GRIT® in 5 grades of hardness. Contact us for assistance with selecting the media type and size for your application.   ... More

Plastic Media BAE Jet

British Aerospace Hawk Jet airplane is carefully masked, and then its paint is blasted using plastic media in preparation for re-painting.   Plastic Blast Media efficiently strips paint from a wide variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, rubber and composites. With carefully determined air pressure, media type and size, plastic abrasives offer time and cost advantages over alternative paint removal methods. Composition Materials manufactures Plastic ... More

Plastic Media WWII Airplane

Paint removal from rare Vampire Jet. The Vampire  is made of aluminum, wood and canvas, making paint stripping a very delicate operation, and one perfectly suited for Plastic Media Blasting.   ... More

Media Blasting System

Blast systems engineered for rapid, environmentally safe and economic cleaning and coatings removal without etching, marring, warping or damaging delicate substrates. Maximizing operator safety and efficiency, equipped with a true tunable media reclaimer and a highly efficient cartridge dust collector which improve finishing results and reduce media costs.   Improves Productivity & Safety Ergonomically engineered to reduce user stress and increase productivity Provides ... More

Stripping Organic Coatings

With advances in coating technologies, more and more product finishers are concerned with how to remove coatings. Electrocoating and electrostatic spray coating applications require absolute electrical contact between products and their hooks, hangers, racks, carriers and other conveyor line fixtures. To ensure electrical contact, residual coating materials must be stripped from these fixtures. with the increasing costs of raw materials, rejected manufactured parts can no longer be scrapped ... More

Plastic Media Blasting for Powder Coating Removal

An effective method for stripping all metal types, plastic media blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. This article defines plastic media blasting and compares it to several other stripping methods used in powder coating. The article also discusses the environmental advantages of plastic media blasting, the types of plastic media and blasting equipment available, and the cost of operating a plastic media blasting system. ... More

Plastic Media Blasting for Automotive Restoration

Today, the average vehicle is made up of more types of substrates than ever seen before, including  steel, aluminum, plastics, composites and fiberglass. This makes the removal of coatings from any type of vehicle very difficult. In addition, paint systems are more complex than ever before. EPA regulations have stimulated a new breed of coatings for painters to learn to use. All of these new coatings, as well as the ones currently being used, behave questionably when applied over existing ... More

Plastic Blast Media: Powder Coating Removal

An effective method of stripping all metal types, Plastic Media Blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. This article compares Plastic Media Blasting with several other stripping methods for powder coating, environmental considerations, as well as blasting equipment and costs. Powder coatings produce highly durable finishes, but can be difficult to remove when parts need to be recoated. Several stripping methods include ... More