Blasting 1960 Corvette

Plastic media blasting efficiently removes paint from a 1960 fiberglass Corvette without damaging the delicate Corvette surface. Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been manufacturing PLASTI-GRIT® for over 30 years in 5 grades of hardness: Urea, Melamine, Acrylic, Clear-Cut® and Polyester. Plastic abrasives are used worldwide as a leading method of removing paint and coatings from cars, boats, planes, trains, landing gear, helicopters and more! Removing paint from a vintage Corvette requires ... More

Collector Car Restoration: Paint Removal

Car collectors and enthusiasts are some of the most demanding customers when it comes to refinishing surfaces.  Nothing short of a perfect finish is acceptable when restoring a classic. Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying Plastic Blast Media for over 30 years.  This paint stripping technology consistently achieves excellent results on cars of all types, including classics, like this Corvette.     Expert blast operators efficiently remove ... More

Aviation Paint Removal & Aircraft Maintenance

Composition Materials Plasti-Grit® Plastic Blast Media is a preferred media for safely removing paint from commercial & military airplanes and jets, and in aircraft maintenance operations worldwide. Plastic Media Type V Acrylic is used on aluminum & composite aircraft skins, as well as for blasting delicate parts. Plastic Media Type II Urea is used on harder aluminum aircraft parts and landing gear. Type VI Clear-Cut is effective on aluminum and composites. ... More

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ABRASIVES ▪ BLAST MEDIA  ▪ DEFLASH MEDIA ▪ RECYCLED & BIO FILLERS ▪ NATURAL COSMETICS Since 1923  Manufacturer of specialty abrasives, blast media, fillers & cosmetic ingredients for over 95 years. Green Products  Innovative products manufactured from recycled, renewable and sustainable sources. Industries  Aviation, automotive, electronics, paint, flooring, medical, rubber, thermoset, military, cosmetics. Blast Media  Custom-engineered Plasti-Grit®, ... More

Boat Paint Removal: Soft Abrasives Blasting

Composition Materials offers a complete line of blasting media grits for environmentally safe paint & coatings removal from boat hulls & decks.  Soft abrasive blasting media are used to quickly & safely remove paint & coatings without damaging delicate hull surfaces such as fiberglass, wood or aluminum.  For fiberglass boat paint removal, we recommend Clear-Cut Plastic Blasting Media for indoor blast operations or Walnut Shell Blasting Media for outdoor blasting.  For wooden ... More

Polyester Plastic Media

Type I Polyester plastic media is a soft abrasive used for blasting composites, plastics and fiberglass, as well as deflashing electrical components without damaging delicate parts. Available in all standard sizes, MIL-P-85891A approved. Composition Materials supplies Plastic Blast Media in a wide variety of types and hardness including Urea, Melamine, Clear-Cut® and Acrylic. Contact us for information and technical support at 800-262-7763. ... More

Video: Corvette Paint Stripping with Plastic Media

In this Video, American Dry Stripping removes paint from a vintage corvette using Plastic Media Blasting. The video looks at the advantages of Plastic Media Blasting: easy to use, fast paint stripping, easy to clean up, recyclable, environmentally friendly, safe on delicate substrates such as the Corvette fiberglass body, and cost effective. ... More