Polycarbonate Deflashing

Our industry-leading Polycarbonate media for deflashing & deburring maintains sizing and impact strength in blast operations at cryogenic and ambient temperatures. Polycarbonate blast beads are non-toxic, environmentally safe, dust-free, reusable and long-lasting even at higher blasting speeds. Our media is manufactured with consistent particle sizing with tight tolerances. Applications include: rubber, thermosets, molds, plastics, composites, electronics and die-castings. Media does not mar ... More


Composition Materials Co., Inc. manufactures & supplies products across a wide range of applications, including Paint Stripping, Coating Removal, Abrasive Media Blasting, Blast Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Deflashing, Deburring, Tumbling, Polishing, Non-Skid Surfacing, Adhesives Compounding, Masking and many more.  Since 1923, we have worked with industries worldwide as a leader in environmentally-safe products from recycled and renewable sources. The following provides an overview of ... More

Nylon Polyamide Pellets

NYLON DEFLASHING MEDIA – we supply all standard sizes of Nylon for use in deflashing, deburring and cleaning without damaging surfaces of thermoset parts, rubber parts, electical parts, computer components and metal die-castings. Their cube shape has a faster through-put than cylindrical shaped media. Polyamide pellets have almost no dust formation and no color contamination when blasting different colors. Nylon media can be used effectively in both air-blast & wheel-blast equipment, with ... More

Deflashing Media

Composition Materials supplies Deflashing  & Deburring media: Cryogenic Deflashing, Polycarbonate Pellets, Polystyrene Beads, Nylon Polyamide Pellets, Plastic Media and Walnut Shell Grit. Common applications include deflashing rubber, thermoset parts, molds, screws, plastics, die-casting, electronics and deburring delicate parts and components. Please click on the links below for more information on each of the deflashing products: ... More

Polystryrene Beads

POLYSTYRENE BEADS – DEFLASHING MEDIA are useful for many applications including deflashing, lubrication, void space maintainers, grinding media and precision fillers. This product’s unique composition leaves no residue, eliminates expensive part cleaning operations and creates a healthier work environment. Precise sizing prevents lodging in slots and holes, lowering inspection expenses. Polystyrene Beads produce excellent results when deflashing sensitive electronic components and delicate ... More

Polyester Plastic Media

Type I Polyester plastic media is a soft abrasive used for blasting composites, plastics and fiberglass, as well as deflashing electrical components without damaging delicate parts. Available in all standard sizes, MIL-P-85891A approved. Composition Materials supplies Plastic Blast Media in a wide variety of types and hardness including Urea, Melamine, Clear-Cut® and Acrylic. Contact us for information and technical support at 800-262-7763. ... More