Plastic Media Abrasives

Composition Materials Co., Inc. custom-engineers PLASTI-GRIT® plastic media from 100% recycled materials. Plastic abrasives supplier of 5-grades of hardness for efficient and economical paint removal, blast cleaning, deflashing and deburring. Plastic Blast Media offers excellent cutting action and results without marring or damaging even delicate surfaces. Plastic abrasives are also commonly used as anti-slip fillers in paints, flooring, coatings and non-skid aggregate formulations. MIL-P-85891A ... More

Stripping Organic Coatings

With advances in coating technologies, more and more product finishers are concerned with how to remove coatings. Electrocoating and electrostatic spray coating applications require absolute electrical contact between products and their hooks, hangers, racks, carriers and other conveyor line fixtures. To ensure electrical contact, residual coating materials must be stripped from these fixtures. with the increasing costs of raw materials, rejected manufactured parts can no longer be scrapped ... More

Plastic Media Blasting for Powder Coating Removal

An effective method for stripping all metal types, plastic media blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. This article defines plastic media blasting and compares it to several other stripping methods used in powder coating. The article also discusses the environmental advantages of plastic media blasting, the types of plastic media and blasting equipment available, and the cost of operating a plastic media blasting system. ... More

Plastic Blast Media: Powder Coating Removal

An effective method of stripping all metal types, Plastic Media Blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. This article compares Plastic Media Blasting with several other stripping methods for powder coating, environmental considerations, as well as blasting equipment and costs. Powder coatings produce highly durable finishes, but can be difficult to remove when parts need to be recoated. Several stripping methods include ... More


Composition Materials Co., Inc. manufactures & supplies products across a wide range of applications, including Paint Stripping, Coating Removal, Abrasive Media Blasting, Blast Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Deflashing, Deburring, Tumbling, Polishing, Non-Skid Surfacing, Adhesives Compounding, Masking and many more.  Since 1923, we have worked with industries worldwide as a leader in environmentally-safe products from recycled and renewable sources. The following provides an overview of ... More

Plastic Blast Media

Plastic Media suppliers and manufacturer for 35 years. Plastic sandblasting media is commonly used for paint stripping, coatings removal, pressure blasting, powder coating, deflashing, deburring, surface preparation and mold cleaning. Our custom-engineered Plasti-Grit® is manufactured from 100% recycled materials in 5 grades of hardness: Type I Polyester, Type II Urea, Type III Melamine, Type V Acrylic and Type VI Clear-Cut®. Mil-Spec approved: MIL-P-85891A. Plastic Media is used for paint ... More

Walnut Shell Blasting

Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been a leading worldwide supplier of Walnut Shell media for over 60 years. Walnut Shell media is an all-natural, biodegradable, low-cost solution for blast cleaning, paint stripping, coating removal, pressure blasting, tumbling, deflashing and deburring. Walnut Shell is also used in burn-out applications as a porosity enhancer for ceramics and grinding wheels. We stock all Walnut Shell standard grades and ship orders ranging from a few bags to full pallets and ... More

Urea Plastic Media

Type II Urea media is the most versatile plastic abrasive for stripping paint and removing coatings from cars, aircraft, trucks, trailers, trains, vans, buses and steel. For over 30 years, Composition Materials has custom manufactured plastic media abrasives from 100% recycled raw materials for low-cost, environmentally safe paint removal with quick cutting action. Urea plastic blast media is available in all standard sizes from coarse to medium to fine, as well as custom sizing. When blasting, ... More

Clear-Cut® Plastic Media

Clear-Cut® Type VI plastic media is manufactured from 100% recycled materials. In blast operations, Type VI can preserve the surface profile of delicate parts, fiberglass, composites, plastics, anilox rolls and Corvettes. Available in all standard sizes. MIL-P-85891A approved. This light-weight, clear-white abrasive is an excellent additive and filler in resins, epoxies, urethanes and counter-tops, as well as a durable non-skid aggregate in flooring, paints & coatings. We supply recycled ... More

Acrylic Plastic Media

'Softer' than Urea or Melamine, Acrylic Blast Media is recommended for removing paint and coatings from cars, aircraft, trucks, tractors, rail cars, vans, motor homes and marine vessels. Acrylic is a versatile, long-lasting media often used in blasting softer substrates and materials, while providing efficient results. We also supply Acrylic abrasives for use as a lightweight filler and aggregate. Available in all standard sizes. MIL-P-85891A approved.  ... More