Media Blasting System

Blast systems engineered for rapid, environmentally safe and economic cleaning and coatings removal without etching, marring, warping or damaging delicate substrates. Maximizing operator safety and efficiency, equipped with a true tunable media reclaimer and a highly efficient cartridge dust collector which improve finishing results and reduce media costs.   Improves Productivity & Safety Ergonomically engineered to reduce user stress and increase productivity Provides ... More

Blast Room

Blast Rooms for clean, safe, well-lighted, dust-free environment to protect workers in adjacent areas from dust and fumes. Remove 99.99+% of airborne sub-micron particulate (0.5 micron or greater). Clean air is filtered and recycled back into the work area. Extremely Low Operating Costs Standard package includes motor starter and photohelic. The AirWall™ component operates on half of the horsepower required by other dust collectors Minimizes energy costs up to 50% for both the AirWall ... More

AirWall Dust Collection

Dust Collection Systems provide extremely low operating costs. Standard Packages includes motor, starter and Photohelic® with a patented large area air inlet enables operation with less resistance to air flow—requires half the horsepower of most other systems. Lower horsepower requirements minimize energy costs, often by as much as 50 %. Lower filter resistance and unique front baffle design extend life and efficiency of filters—minimizing filter replacement costs.Lower air-to-filter ratio means ... More

Blast Equipment

Media blast cabinets 36" to 72" wide -- powerful enough to handle any cabinet blasting job and specifically designed for use with Plasti-Grit media. Engineered for rapid, environmentally safe and economic cleaning and coatings removal from most surfaces, these stand-alone stations, consisting of Blast Cabinet and Reclamation Unit operate free of toxic chemical strippers and remove coatings without etching, marring, warping or otherwise damaging delicate substrates.  Also available are Blast ... More