Plastic Media Blasting for Automotive Restoration

Today, the average vehicle is made up of more types of substrates than ever seen before, including  steel, aluminum, plastics, composites and fiberglass. This makes the removal of coatings from any type of vehicle very difficult. In addition, paint systems are more complex than ever before. EPA regulations have stimulated a new breed of coatings for painters to learn to use. All of these new coatings, as well as the ones currently being used, behave questionably when applied over existing ... More

Plastic Media Articles

PLASTIC MEDIA BLASTING: AUTOMOTIVE RESTORATION Vehicles are now made up of more types of substrates than ever before. For efficient automotive coatings removal before new paint is applied, Plastic Media Blasting is considered the safe, rapid, environmentally friendly, economic method. Plastic Media Blasting replaces chemical strippers, sandblasting and hand abrasion. This article reviews how to preserve surface integrity during automotive restoration.  Read More...   PLASTIC MEDIA ... More