Eagle Ornament Restoration with Media Blasting

We were recently contacted to help with restoring classic eagle ornaments. Over many years of weather exposure, the eagles had lost their finish and were in need of restoration. We contacted our local blast shop, American Dry Stripping, and they used our PLASTI-GRIT® Plastic Blast Media, a soft abrasive, to safely strip the delicate aluminum ornaments without pitting or marring.  This prepared the surface with an even and smooth finish. The owner of the eagles was thrilled with the results and completed the restoration by applying real gold leaf. Finally, the eagles were mounted back on his flagpole and home.  See photos:

Eagle Ornament Needing Restoration


Eagle Aluminum Blast Cleaned



Eagle Ornament Restored Gold-Leaf 2



Eagle Ornament Flagpole Restored

Eagle ornament restored and mounted on home


Eagle Ornament Restored Abrasive Blasting