Natural Alternatives for Microbeads

COSMETIC INGREDIENTS  All-Natural & Biodegradable Ingredients Natural microbead replacements Sustainably sourced exfoliators and scrubs Walnut Shell, Apricot Shell, Tagua & Almond

Walnut Shell Blasting Bronze Statue

Walnut shell blasting statue of Avery Alexander: The Monumental Task Committee of New Orleans, LA recently restored the statue of Avery Alexander called, “The Crusader.”

1954 Corvette Plastic Media

Removing paint from a 1954 Corvette using PLASTI-GRIT®. Paint removal from the Corvette’s fiberglass body requires careful handling of its delicate surface. Air pressure, media type, media size and distance are all important variables in achieving best results. This video highlights expert blasting by American Dry Stripping with PLASTI-GRIT®. One of the best features of plastic media blasting is its ability to do an excellent job removing paint from soft substrates, such as fiberglass, composites or aluminum. With careful calibrations of blast parameters, the Corvette will have all of the paint removed, making it ready for restoration and new paint. …

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Microbead Alternatives for Cosmetics

Composition Materials supplies cosmetic companies worldwide alternatives to microbeads.  For use in body, bath and skin care products, these all-natural alternatives include all-white palm nut, walnut shell, and apricot pit shell. Eco-friendly ingredients are sourced from sustainable fruit and nut trees, and are available in standard and custom sizes.   Click here for information on all of our cosmetic industry products and services and call 800-262-7763.

Microbead Replacements

  • All-natural microbead alternatives
  • Walnut shell, Apricot & Tagua
  • Cosmetic-grade ingredients
  • Cosmetic solutions

Eagle Ornament Restoration with Media Blasting

We were recently contacted to help with restoring classic eagle ornaments. Over many years of weather exposure, the eagles had lost their finish and were in need of restoration. We contacted our local blast shop, American Dry Stripping, and they used our PLASTI-GRIT® Plastic Blast Media, a soft abrasive, to safely strip the delicate aluminum ornaments without pitting or marring.  This prepared the surface with an even and smooth finish. The owner of the eagles was thrilled with the results and completed the restoration by applying real gold leaf. Finally, the eagles were mounted back on his flagpole and home.  See photos:

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