AirWall Dust Collection

AirWall 2Dust Collection Systems provide extremely low operating costs. Standard Packages includes motor, starter and Photohelic® with a patented large area air inlet enables operation with less resistance to air flow—requires half the horsepower of most other systems. Lower horsepower requirements minimize energy costs, often by as much as 50 %. Lower filter resistance and unique front baffle design extend life and efficiency of filters—minimizing filter replacement costs.Lower air-to-filter ratio means higher cleaning efficiency. Fast return on investment—lower energy costs, repair bills, and filter replacements mean shorter payback period.

Pollution Isolation Solutions

  • Removes 99.99+% of airborne sub-micron particulate (0.5 micron or greater) which surpasses current OSHA and EPA requirements
  • Clean, filtered breathable air is recycled into the work area resulting in additional heating or cooling energy savings
  • Placed at the generation site within existing facilities to isolate and control pollution before contaminating surrounding areas
  • State-of-the-art air cleaning efficiency
  • Trouble-Free Filter Cleaning
  • Cartridge filters automatically cleaned by high velocity Reverse Pulse-Jet cleaning system
  • Pulse cycles controlled with Photohelic pressure gauge (monitors the pressure drop across filters, automatically sensing when it is time to clean)
  • Automatic system maintains optimum filter efficiency and longer filter life

Airwall Models & Specifications

2C 3.0 Hp 36″W x 24″D x 84″H 2 930 460
4C 5.0 Hp 36″W x 36″D x 84″H 4 1,200 960
40 LD 3.0 Hp 45″W x 45″D x 60″H 9 4,000 2,160
LD 5.0 3.0 Hp 45″W x 45″D x 60″H 9 6,000 2,160
80 LD 7.5 Hp 45″W x 45″D x 60″H 9 8,000 2,160
60 MD 5.0 Hp 80″W x 48″D x 60″H 15 6,000 3,600
80 MD 7.5 Hp 80″W x 48″D x 60″H 15 8,000 3,600
100 MD 10 Hp 80″W x 48″D x 60″H 15 10,000 3,600
100 HD 10 Hp 80″W x 48″D x 96″H 20 10,000 4,725
120 HD 15 Hp 80″W x 48″D x 96″H 20 12,000 4,725
160 HD 20 Hp 80″W x 48″D x 96″H 20 16,000 6,925