Abrasive Blasting Overview

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Abrasive blasting methods have been in use for over a hundred years.  Industries have employed air-blast, wheel-blast and other methods to propel abrasive blasting media for use in paint stripping, coatings removal, strengthening surfaces, preparing surfaces for coatings, blast cleaning, mold cleaning and deflashing.

The development of these methods over the years introduced a wide range of abrasive blasting media types to maximize efficiency of surface cleaning and preparation. Common abrasive blast media include aluminum oxide and glass beads.  In addition to these hard and aggressive media types, we offer a number of soft abrasives that do not damage plastics, composites, rubber or aluminum.  These soft abrasive blast media include plastic blast media, walnut shells and corn cob grit.  These hard and soft abrasives do not cause silicosis like sandblasting, and are therefore excellent alternatives to sand.

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