Walnut Shell Products

  • Walnut Shell Blasting Grit – paint stripping & coatings removal from cars, trucks, boats, bridges & buildings
  • Blast Cleaning Media for aircraft engine clean-out & steam turbines
  • Deflashing & Tumbling Media to remove burrs & imperfections in manufacturing; polishing applications
  • Fillers & Extenders – Walnut Shell Flour is an excellent additive in adhesives & plastics compounding
  • Cosmetic Grade Walnut Shell – Premium grade Walnut Shell products for the cosmetics industry
  • Additional Nutshell Products: Agrashell products, Apricot Shell and Pecan Shell Grits & Flours

For over 50 years, Composition Materials has been a leading supplier of Walnut Shell Grit products.  Composition Materials pioneered Walnut Shell Blasting with the US Navy in the 1950’s. With the introduction of Walnut Shell Blasting, aircraft carriers & submarines were stripped of only their top coating, leaving the expensive undercoats intact. Prior to Walnut Shell Blasting, coatings were removed down to bare metal, requiring the replacement of the undercoat, vinyl coat, and top coat. Selective Coating Removal with walnut shell blasting originated here and saved the Navy time & money. Today, this blasting technology is used effectively and safely across a wide range of industries & applications.

Our consulting service is available in selecting the Walnut Shell media for your operation.