Walnut Shell Blasting

Crushed Walnut Shell GritSince pioneering Walnut Shell Blasting with the US Navy in the 1960’s, Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been a leading supplier of crushed Walnut Shell grit. The introduction of Walnut Shell Blasting for aircraft carriers & submarines allowed for stripping of only the top coating, and leaving the expensive undercoats intact. Prior to Walnut Shell Blasting, coatings were removed down to bare metal, requiring the replacement of the undercoat, vinyl coat, and top coat. This selective coating removal saved the Navy time & money. Today, walnut shell sandblasting is an eco-friendly coating removal method used effectively and safely across a wide range of industries & applications. Contact Us for information, bulk ordering and volume discounts — many grades in stock!


  • Premium soft abrasive available in Black & English Walnut Shell Grades
  • Preserves base, primer & gel-coats while removing top coats of paint
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic; causes no health or environmental hazards
  • Long-lasting, re-usable and biodegradable
  • Reduces cycle time of finishing operations; preserves microfinishes
  • Walnut Shell sandblasting for selective coatings removal
  • Replaces sand to avoid problem of silicosis


  • Paint stripping & coatings removal
  • Effective on boats, buildings, bridges, outdoor statuaries, cars and graffiti removal
  • Blast cleaning for aircraft engine cleanout & steam turbines
  • Deflashing, deburring & finishing operations
  • Deflashing parts in electronics industries
  • Deburring in plastics and aluminum & zinc die casting industries
  • Excellent media for wheel blasting, air blasting and tumbling operations
  • Porosity enhancer for ceramics and grinding wheels in burn-out applications
WALNUT SHELLMSDSTechnical Data Sheet
HARDNESS MOH 3.5 ▪ Rockwell 91http://compomat.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Walnut_TDS.pdf
SPEC. GRAVITY1.2 - 1.4
GRADESEnglish Walnut Shell ▪ Black Walnut Shell
APPLICATIONSPaint Stripping ▪ Coatings Removal ▪ Blast Cleaning ▪ Deburrring ▪ Deflashing ▪ Tumbling ▪ Engine Clean-Out ▪
Burn-Out Applications: Porosity Enhancer for Grinding Wheels & Ceramics
USED ONCars ▪ Trucks ▪ Airplanes ▪ Trains ▪ Boats ▪ Landing Gear ▪ Buildings ▪ Brick ▪ Statues ▪ Monuments ▪ Engines
INDUSTRIESAutomotive Restoration ▪ Aircraft Maintenance ▪ Paint & Coatings ▪ Military
AD-1B 6/10AD-2.5B 8/12AD-3B 12/20AD-6B 18/40AD-7B 35/60AD-9B 40/100AD-10.5B 60/200
WF-2 #100WF-5 #200WF-7 #325WF-9 #400
PACKAGING50 lb. Bags ▪ 40 Bags / Pallet ▪ 2,000 lb. Super-Sacks

Our consulting service is available in selecting the crushed Walnut Shell media for your operation, call 800-262-7763.