Walnut Shell Products

Composition Materials has been a worldwide supplier of Walnut Shell media for over 60 years. Walnut Shell media offers low-cost solutions for blast cleaning, paint stripping, coating removal, pressure blasting and deflashing. Walnut Shell media is an excellent additive in cosmetics formulations as well as ceramic burn-out applications. We stock all Walnut Shell standard grades and ship orders ranging from a few bags to full pallets and truck load volumes. Many sizes in stock — contact us for ... More

Walnut Shell Blasting: Pioneered in 1960’S with U.S. Navy

In the 1960s, the US Navy in Norfolk, Virginia sought new methods for stripping the paint off submarines. The current method, at that time, utilized steel grit blasting to go down to bare metal, removing the anti-fouling paint, the vinyl under-coating and the primer. A very inventive civilian employee of the Navy along with Ted Diamond, of Composition Materials, pioneered a new method of blasting with Walnut Shell Grit to selectively remove only the anti-fouling paint, leaving the valuable ... More