Polycarbonate Pellets

Supplier of Polycarbonate Pellets for deflashing & deburring, with consistent particle sizing and tight tolerances. Maintains sizing and impact strength in blast operations, including at cryogenic temperatures. Non-toxic, environmentally safe, dust-free, reusable and long-lasting even at higher blasting speeds. Applications include rubber, thermosets, molds, plastics, composites, electronics and die-casting parts. Does not mar surfaces or leave residues. Available in white, yellow, red & ... More

Deflashing Media

Composition Materials supplies Deflashing  & Deburring media: Cryogenic Deflashing, Polycarbonate Pellets, Polystyrene Beads, Nylon Polyamide Pellets, Plastic Media and Walnut Shell Grit. Common applications include deflashing rubber, thermoset parts, molds, screws, plastics, die-casting, electronics and deburring delicate parts and components. ... More