Media Blasting System

Blast CabinetComposition Materials’ new PLASTI-GRIT® Blast System, specifically designed to accomodate PLASTI-GRIT® media, represents a unique dry stripping approach that is fast becoming a leader in the coatings removal field. A broad spectrum of models has been developed to meet various applications.

Engineered for rapid, environmentally safe and economic cleaning and coatings reomoval from most surfaces, the system operates free of toxic chemical strippers. At the same time, it removes coatings without etching, marring, warping or otherwise damaging delicate substrates, thus preserving vital surface integrity.

This advanced Plasti-Grit System, maximizing operator safety and efficiency, is constructed of the highest quality materials with large double skinned, no spill doors for a quieter and cleaner working area. It is also equipped with a true tunable media reclaimer and a highly efficient cartridge dust collector which improve finishing results and reduce media costs. All models are also in strict conformance with OSHA and CSA safety and noise requirements.

Plasti-Grit® System Benefits

  • Extremely Low Operating Costs
  • Lower horsepower requirements minimize energy costs, often by as much as 50%
  • High-speed, non-plugging reclaim component achieves quick turnaround time for continued blast performance
  • Manual timed cleaning system extends filter cartridge life span
  • Specifically designed to be used with Wheat Starch and PLASTI-GRIT® media
  • Sturdy construction results in lower maintenance costs and higher productivity
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Pollution Isolation Solutions
  • Enclosed blasting environment—all contamination contained within cabinet and reclamation unit
  • Removes 99.98+% of airborne sub-micron particulate (0.5 micron or greater) which surpasses current OSHA and EPA requirements
  • Two-stage cleaning process eliminates coarse debris through a magnetic separator and a high efficiency cyclone

Improves Productivity & Safety

  • Ergonomically engineered to reduce user stress and increase productivity
  • Provides workers with a clean, safe, well-lighted dust-free environment.
  • Includes 1.4 cubic ft. pressure vessel and storage hopper for longer blast cycles
  • Optional multiple blasting nozzles reduce blasting time
  • Full-view window makes work easier and workers more efficient
  • Safety interlock design for maximum protection of worker
36 X 36 36″W X 36″D X 36″H 27″W X 28″H 44″W X 66″D X 84″H 500 lbs.
48 X 48 48″W X 48″D X 36″H 39″W X 28″H 52″W X 78″D X 90″H 500 lbs.
72 X 36 72″W X 36″D X 36″H 27″W X 28″H 88″W X 66″D X 90″H 500 lbs.
60 X 60 60″W X 60″D X 36″H 51″W X 28″H 66″W X 90″D X 90″H 500 lbs.


Customized, automated and hard abrasive systems are also available.