Fillers & Extenders

test-slider-variable-widthFILLERS & EXTENDERS – Composition Materials offers a complete line of Fillers & Extenders. Each product has unique properties: strengthen adhesion, increase or decrease weight, increase flexibility or rigidity, and enhance appearance. Non-Skid / Anti-Slip products can be mixed into paints & coatings as well as broadcasted.  Filler include grits, flours and powders: Walnut Shells, Plastic Media, Corn Cob Media, Wood Flour, Ground Rubber and Flock. Filler / Extender Selection Assistance

Fillers & Extenders

Plastic Filler 1

Plastic Media Fillers

  • Plastic grits & flour additives 
  • Additive in resins & compounds
  • Available in clear & multi-colored
  • Non-skid & anti-slip paint additive
Wood Flour is an all-natural additive used in a wide variety of filler and extender applications.

Wood Flours

  • Hardwoods & Softwoods
  • Versatile filler & extender
  • Adhesives, rubber, paper
  • Filtration, cleaning, absorbency
Walnut Shell Ground

Walnut Shell Fillers

  • Non-skid/anti-slip for floors & decks
  • Walnut Flour for adhesives compounding
  • Burn-out filler in ceramics for porosity
  • Oil-well filtration media
Clear-Cut Web 1

Non-Skid & Anti-Slip Media

  • Plastic Media, Walnut Shells
  • Mix-in paints for easy coating
  • Floors, ramps, decks, boats, pools
  • Aluminum oxide
Kenaf Fiber

Fillers, Fibers & Powders

  • Fillers with unique characteristics
  • Rice Hull Ash, Rice Hulls
  • Ground Rubber, Ground Leather
  • Sisal, Flocks, Cellulose & more!
Composite Decking

Composite Decking

  • Excellent fiber fillers available
  • Composite Wood fillers
  • Extruded polymerized lumber
  • Rice Hulls, Kenaf

Selecting Fillers & Extenders

Fillers & Entenders can increase or decrease strength, flexibility, rigidity or weight; alter specific gravity, hardness or reactivity; introduce non-skid / anti-slip surfaces & coatings; and change appearance, color or texture.