Deflashing Media

Composition Materials supplies Deflashing media including Cryogenic Deflashing Media, Polycarbonate Pellets, Polystyrene Beads, Nylon Polyamide Pellets, Plastic Grit and Walnut Shell Grit. Deflashing media is used in the rubber, plastics, die-casting, powdered metal and electronics industries, including on delicate parts and components.

Deflashing Media

Polycarbonate Pellets

  • Ambient & Cryogenic Grades
  • Non-toxic, dust-free deflashing
  • Long-lasting & reusable
  • For rubber, plastics, metals, electronics

Plastic Blast Media

  • Plastic sandblasting; Mil-Spec approved
  • Paint stripping & coatings removal
  • Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composites
  • Cars, trucks, aircraft, military, boats

Polystryrene Beads

  • Delicate electronics & rubber parts
  • Precision filler
  • Void space maintainer
  • No residue

Walnut Shell Blasting

  • Eco-friendly crushed shell grit
  • Walnut shell sandblasting, blast cleaning
  • Steel, buildings, bridges, boats
  • Deflashing media

Nylon Polyamide Pellets

  • Deflashing rubber, electronics, die-casting
  • Excellent for delicate parts & components
  • Durable, long-lasting media
  • Low dust & low abrasion