Corn Cob Media

Corn Cob WebCORN COB GRIT is used in blasting, tumbling, vibratory finishing, polishing, deburring, deflashing and drying operations. Corn Cob Grit is very effective for blasting wood, aluminum, fiberglass, buildings, boats, as well as log cabin restoration. This renewable soft abrasive is safe for blasting and finishing on a wide range of delicate substrates, surfaces and parts. Corn Cob is highly absorbent (up to 5x its weight in water) and effective in clean-ups of oil spills as well as an all-natural ingredient in pet litters. Corn Cob Grit is also used as an additive in hand soap. Corn Cobs are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, compostable and long lasting.

Corn Cob is excellent for polishing brass parts and casings in vibratory finishing operations. Corn Cob is frequently treated with a polishing cream to enhance metal finishes and polish. It is also used in rotary tumblers, however, the inside of the casings is better cleaned in vibratory operations.  For more heavily tarnished or dirty metals, Walnut Shell Media may be recommended.

Composition Materials has been a leading provider of Corn Cob Grit for over 50 years. Below, watch the videos of Corn Cob Blasting in action. Contact us for information and pricing on this versatile product at (800) 262-7763.


  • Non-toxic blast cleaning media causes no health or environmental hazards
  • Dust-free corn cob products; aspirated
  • Biodegradable, incineratable, long-lasting, re-usable & reclaimable
  • Reduces cost of finishing operations; preserves microfinishes
  • Absorbent ingredient in pet litters
  • Competitive pricing; immediate delivery


In log home restoration, pressure blasting with Corn Cob provides a smooth and even finish.  Corn Cob media can be used reclaimed and reused.  This blasting method quickly removes old stain, water marks and debris; prepares the wood for new protective clear coat and stain; and restores and protects log homes.  Corn Cob also does an excellent job when restoring wood panels and furniture.  Watch Corn Cob Blasting in action on log home exterior and interior:

CORN COB MEDIAMSDSTechnical Data Sheet
APPEARANCEGranular, angular
SPEC. GRAVITY1.0 - 1.2
APPLICATIONSPaint Stripping ▪ Coatings Removal ▪ Blast Cleaning ▪ Deburrring ▪ Deflashing ▪ Tumbling ▪ Polishing ▪ Pet Litter
USED ONCars ▪ Trucks ▪ Buildings ▪ Log Homes ▪ Electronics ▪ Engine Parts ▪ Jewelry ▪ Brick ▪ Graffiti
INDUSTRIESAutomotive Restoration ▪ Manufacturing ▪ Paint & Coatings
GRIT SIZES10/14 (#1)
14/20 (#2)
20/40 (#3)
- 80
PACKAGING50 lb. Bags ▪ 40 Bags / Pallet